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About Us
About The Mold
Moldy912 created The Mold as part of the Moldy912 Network. He administrates The Mold as the forum channel of his network to assimilate his followers into one common place to discuss the subjects he talks about throughout all of his channels. He started The Mold in Summer 2008 when the Moldy912 Network was only a few months old.

About moldy(912)
Moldy912 is the head of the Moldy912 Network and owns all its channels and the content within. Moldy912 is a high school student nearing graduation and aspires to work with mathematics in his future. He is an avid lover of video games and automobiles but he interests himself in every topic on The Mold. You can contact him through private message here on the forum or you can email him at

About the Moldy912 Network
The Moldy912 Network began in early 2008 with the registration of the moldy912 Youtube Channel. Since then, it has grown to many other channels such as The Mold Forum and Twitter, but it will continue to grow into a blog and Facebook Page in the near future. The Moldy912 Network follows topics that generally surround hobbies such as technology, gear, comedy, sports, graphic design, music, and any other hobby or entertainment.
How to Become our Partner
Becoming one of our partners is very easy. It only takes you reading this and checking off each requirement and then contacting the head Administrator. Before you apply, please make sure your website fits the following criteria:

  1. Your site gets plenty of traffic
  2. Your site has plenty of members (for forums)
  3. Your website looks visually appealing

If you fit all of the criteria, you may contact the head Administrator, moldy, through private messages or email him a Even though you may fit all three criteria, your site is still subject to being rejected. Please do not apply if you do not fit all three criteria.

*As a way to jump-start the forum, we will be heavily considering all affiliation applications. All sites have very good chances so please do not waste the opportunity.
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